As part of Interior Designs, we can arrange Fish Aquariums in different locations like Houses, Schools, Collages, Hotels, Restaurants, Gardens, Shopping Malls, Offices and Theatres.  As per Feng – Shei Vastu, it is renowned that Aquariums can provide better health and wealth. After returning from heavy work, just spend some time before the tiny fishes to get rid of mental tensions and we can have better thoughts. It is also suggested by lot of doctors to reduce Blood Pressure (BP), Heart Problems and have better life in old age. By observing the movement s of different fishes and the way they spill out the water when they are active, we can feel like we are in a different mini world which gives us immense pleasure and wisdom.

Many of us had our first aquarium experience as children. Unfortunately, first time fish owners aren’t always provided with the information they need to be successful. As a result they lose some, or all, of their fish, then give up and do not try again. If you are assisting a child or teenager start an aquarium, be sure to do your homework so they aren’t set up for failure.